Limnological Newsletter is a bulletin published by the committee of SLS for the society members. It has usually two issues per year and it provides information about society life, programmes and results of committee sessions, organizing limnological events in Slovakia and abroad, notes on the latest limnological publications, jubilees of SLS members and limnological institutions, etc. It also offers society members adequate space for publishing contributions on their research and other activities, e.g. short information concerning the life of society.
On March 12th 2007, Limnological Newsletter was assigned an ISSN 1337-2971 by the ISSN National Agency, and it became officially registered journal.

Concerning absence of any Slovak limnological journal, new place for publishing not only organizational, but also specialized and scientific results from different fields of limnology has been opened. At the beginning they will be size limited and not peer reviewed (in Slovak or English language), however perspective of subsequent expansion is expected. Regarding possibility of citing published contributions, new numbering scheme of issues is obligatory. 1. Volume will start in the year 2007.
Latest issue:
LimnoSprav 2010/1, vol. 4
We are looking forward to any of your contributions (scientific, information, news, advices), and your suggestions addressed to the Limnological Newsletter editorial office.

Editorial staff
Section of Animal Ecology, Institute of Zoology SAS
Dúbravská cesta 9
845 06 Bratislava, Slovakia Editor in chief:
RNDr. Zuzana Čiamporová-Zaťovičová, PhD.
tel. +421-2-59302610
fax. +421-2-59302645

RNDr. Marta Illyová, PhD. (
RNDr. Elena Štefková, PhD. (

Archive of Limnological newsletters (in Slovak):

LS_10/1 LS_09/2 LS_09/1
LimnoSprav 2010/1 LimnoSprav 2009/2 LimnoSprav 2009/1
LS_08/1 LS_07/2 LS_07/1
LimnoSprav 2008/1 LimnoSprav 2007/2 LimnoSprav 2007/1
LS_06/2 LS_06/1 LS_05/2 LS_05/1
LimnoSprav 2006/2 LimnoSprav 2006/1 LimnoSprav 2005/2 LimnoSprav 2005/1
LS_04/2 LS_04/1 LS_03/2 LS_03/1
LimnoSprav 2004/2 LimnoSprav 2004/1 LimnoSprav 2003/2 LimnoSprav 2003/1
LS_02/1 LS_01/2 LS_01/1
LimnoSprav 2002/1 LimnoSprav 2001/2 LimnoSprav 2001/1
LS_00/2 LS_00/1
LimnoSprav 2000/2 LimnoSprav 2000/1

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